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Get To Know Tarpaulin Flex Banner For Printing


Difference thickness, difference of quality for tarpaulin
-Higher thickness and liner tarpaulin is very durable and long lasting 
- It also depend on weather.

  • 280gsm - 1 month

  • 300gsm - 1 month to 3 month

  • 320gsm - 3 month to 6 month

  • 380gsm - 6 month to 9 month

  • 420gsm ~ 440gsm - 9 month to 12 month

  • 510gsm - around 1 year




Good quality of tarpaulin has following characteristic:

  • Good ink absorption performance
  • Surface self cleaning
  • Durable is depend of pvc ratio is good
  • Strong color fastness



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